Is a deigner and manufacturer of Aerial Ropeways, Funiculars (Cable Cars), Cable Cranes (Highlines, Inclines), Aerial Spinning equipment, Inspection Cars, Winches, Agile Target systems, Agricultural equipment and Industrial systems.
HMR Voss works in accordance to AQAP 110 (that has requirements beyond those of ISO 9001) and has its own engineering department with competence within the following fields: structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical/automation.
The manufacturing capacity comprises of a machine workshop, welding and fabrication department, shot-blast and painting department, and an electrical design and assembly workshop for systems.
A maintenance department carries out site erection, modifications, operation and service/maintainance.

This unique combination of skills makes HMR Voss able to custom design systems according to the clients requirements in order to obtain the highest performance and safety requirements.

The reference list speaks for itself.